Veyda Rose Body Treatments 

Choose from one of our four body treatments to help relax, detoxify and smooth your skin and even help to prevent or reduce cellulite! Veyda Rose Body treatments can be performed in conjunction with your facial and we also recommend a few fantastic add on components for optimal benefits!


Backside Bliss

A relaxing treatment that provides a deep cleanse aimed to detoxify, soften and tighten the skin on the shoulders and back. This back treatment  begins with a steamed deep cleanse and manual exfoliation, followed by a Sweedish massage. The treatment is completed with a detoxifying Moore Mud mask, which promotes circulation, cleanses and leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother. For clients suffering from back break outs, extractions may be performed at the Estheticians discretion and clients consent or request. 

  • 60 minutes, $105

Dead Sea Salt or Sugar Glow

A deep exfoliation of the skin using Dead Sea Salt infused with Charcoal and Bergamot or substitute with a Hydrating Seaweed Sugar Scrub, both of which are beneficial for their topical and aromatherapeutic properties. Ideal as a stand alone treatment for super soft, glowing skin or as pre treatment to the Moore Mud Please full body mud treatment.  

  • 45 minutes, $50


Cellulite Buster Detox Treatment

Rid your body of unwanted toxins while reducing and preventing Cellulite using a combination of exfoliation through Dry Brushing and a detoxifying charcoal infused salt scrub, followed by massage techniques, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage, that pumps toxins through your lymphatic system and enriches the skin with detoxifying and cellulite busting essential oils.  During you session you will be taught how to properly use a dry brush at home and be able to purchase a 2 oz dry brushing oil ($15) to massage into your skin to extend the results of your treatment. Best results seen after multiple weekly or bi/weekly treatments. 

  •  $95/ 60 minutes

  • $75/ treatment when done as a series of 3 or more.  

  • Follow your Cellulite treatment with a Moore Mud body/leg masque to increase the effects of each treatment. ($30 add on)

Moore Mud Please

One of the most effective ways to draw impurities from the skin is through the application of masques rich in minerals, essential oils and detoxifying elements. This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation through dry brushing followed by the application of Moore Mud, which detoxifies, remineralizes and tightens the skin. Client receives a foot or scalp massage while the mud masque works it's magic on the skin and the service is finished off with the application of a detoxifying Essential Oil blend.  

  • 60 minutes, $110