Veyda Rose uses modern and holistic methods to promote a sense of wellbeing and beauty for men and women of all ages. 


Amanda Kate Forman, Licensed Esthetician and Owner of Veyda Rose

Born and Raised in South Florida, I have always been aware of both the benefits and dangers of sun exposure. Sun protection is a necessary component for preventing wrinkles and skin cancer, so after deciding to create my own sunscreen that is free from harmful chemicals, I became interested in making other skincare products intended to treat various skin types and conditions. The research I conducted lead to a deeper passion for skincare, which brought me to attend an Aesthetics Program in Maine, where I fully immersed myself in the training and knowledge to pursue my goal as both an Esthetician and Owner of an oil and plant based skincare line, called Abura Skincare. My educational and professional backgrounds in Anthropology, Psychology and Hospitality influence and inform my everyday experiences and I am grateful to spend my time working with wonderful people who share a passion for wellness and celebrating beauty.